Watson's imports only the best barrels from France, Hungary and the USA. All barrels are guaranteed against leakage.  Please note all our barrels are made by hand and volume will vary between barrels.  Choose a barrel that meets your size, flavour and cost specifications. Keep in mind that while a used barrel can be stored empty, the preference is to keep it full. Pick a size that you will use year round, rotating several batches of wine through it. Even in the light of modern oneology, an oak barrel remains a rudimentary wood container that has become an important ingredient contributing to the taste of the wine.


Characteristics of Each Barrel's Nationality


 Canadian Oak - Distributor for Canadian Oak Ltd.. All barrels are quarter sawn and air dried for thirty six months, and are coopered by Gibbs Brothers of Arkansas.

Available in 19L, 38L, 55L, 110L, 220L capacity.


 American - Gibbs Brothers of Arkansas, have celebrated their 90th birthday in the cooperage industry. All barrels are made from quarter sawn white oak and air dried for a minimum of 12 months. These quality barrels impart stronger flavours and therefore are used for bigger wines.

Available in 19L, 38L, 55L, 110L, 220L capacity.


 Hungarian - Zemplen Barrels manufactures their oak barrels exclusively from legendary Quercus petraea/Sessile since 1962. Quercus petraea/Sessile is a slow growing oak due to the premium mineral content of the soil in the Tokay-Zemplen forests of Hungary. This slow growth creates a fine, tight grain which lends itself to a very delicate extraction.

Available in 23L, 50L, 100L, 225L and 500L capacity.


 French - Imported from Tonnellarie Berthomieu, where barrels are steamed while being toasted. This unique method allows deep heat penetration by opening the pores of the staves, thus enriching the amount of toasted flavour.

An excellent barrel, available in 30L, 55L, 110L and 220L capacity.

On Request Larger sizes are available from all vendors.



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