The Family and the Farm


Watson’s Family Farm is located less than a kilometer from the Niagara River, in the heart of Canada’s best grape-growing land. Started by John Watson in the late seventies, the farm is currently being taken over by John’s eldest son, Kevin and his wife Cathy. Kevin’s formal education was earned at the Niagara Parks Commission’s School of Horticulture, although he maintains that the best way to learn how to farm is to grow up doing it! Kevin follows in his father’s footsteps and has been concentrating on developing the farm to it’s full capacity over the past few years. One key element followed by both father and son is to ensure that the farm remains a manageable family farm and not a large corporate or “factory” style operation.


The soil of Watson farms is a mix of clay and sand loam and is very stoney making it ideal for grapes. This is home for some of the earliest Chardonnay, Riesling, Sauvingnon Blanc, Cabernet Franc and Pinos Gris vines in Ontario. The most recent expansion was eight acres of excellent soil closer to the Niagara River planted with Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot.


The third generation of Watsons to live on our farm is well underway. With children about, the importance of a healthy environment is very clear. We were part of a biological insect control program between 1987 and 1990 and have continued to do our best to limit insecticide use on our grapes ever since.


While maintaining contacts with many wineries throughout Southern Ontario, Watson’s Farm has increasingly supplied Ontario’s growing home winemakers every Fall. Deciding to make wine from fresh Watson’s juice is a one-time decision; the astounding quality will keep you away from concentrate forever! Choose from among many varieties of red and white grapes. White grapes are sold in 23 L pails, while reds are sold destemmed in 50 lb. pails. For those who have acquired a taste for Ontario Icewine, try making it yourself. Place an order and wait until January’s frigid temperatures provide another harvest envied around the world. You can also buy all the supplies you need for your winemaking hobby, either through our mail-order service or in person from our modest supply store in the press-house.


Fresh, pure Ontario juice is what you can expect from Watson’s. Take a trip to Niagara. See a show, check out the Falls, and pick up your fresh Ontario Juice. Order Early! Watson’s Juice is in demand.